Traditional values
When Later Life Protection was created, we made a promise to provide friendly unbiased independent lifestyle planning advice which is accountable, completely transparent, fair and ethical.

We specialise in helping individuals and families arrange their affairs to protect them in later life.

We work very closely with our clients, to provide lifetime planning solutions that will include also dealing with other family members and beneficiaries.

We will never compromise our professionalism and are committed to providing impartial advice. We aim to "delight" our clients with the service we provide. An unhappy client is not a client for long.

Later Life Protection
As a leading provider of asset protection services, we offer clients a wide range of services to ensure that their wealth is preserved and protected and can pass to their loved ones and other beneficiaries.

As specialists we help clients with the following:-

» Wills
» Trusts
» Asset Protection
» Probate
» Lasting Powers of Attorney
» Living Wills
Latest News

100 year old woman threatened with court on Christmas Eve by local authority

A 100-year-old grandmother faces being taken to court on Christmas Eve by ‘heartless’ council officials over a £9000 nursing home bill. Violet Davies, who is deaf and blind, has received letters from East Sussex County Council demanding she pay more

Family infighting over wills or lack of them

A lesson learned.

The importance of making a Will

He may have lived life in the fast lane, but Fast and Furious star Paul Walker found time to make a will leaving his £15 million fortune to his 15-year-old daughter Meadow. The 40 year old died alongside driver and

What exactly is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which enables you to decide how your estate should be distributed in the event of your death. Death can occur at any time and it is wise to be prepared. Even if you do

Wills and Probate Glossary

A quick explanation of terms involved in connection with wills. Abatement: If there is insufficient money to satisfy bequests or debts then a pro rata reduction is applied amongst beneficiaries or creditors. Administering the estate: the process of gathering together

What to do when someone dies

Within a few days after a death, someone needs to: • Make sure that the home and possessions of the person who has died are secure. • Register the death. • Start arranging the funeral. You will find guidance on

Will error…

Not that we would ever do this at LaterLifeProtection but…….. A mix-up in signatures on mirror wills should not be allowed to disinherit a couple’s intended heir, the Supreme Court has ruled. Giving judgment in the case of Marley v

Care Home fees concern

The Government has watered down its previous proposals which would have offered an alternative to people who have to sell their homes to pay for care. It has included a clause in its proposed scheme which, in effect, makes it

It was a court to protect people but is it fit for purpose?

Tens of thousands of vulnerable people are being detained unlawfully due to the complexity of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), lawyers have told a House of Lords select committee considering the MCA 2005. One lawyer has told the committee that

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