Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are an excellent choice for people who wish to pay for their funeral expenses in advance, and a pre paid funeral plan is the caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

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  • Peace of mind for you and reassurance for your family.
  • Avoid rising prices and “lock-in” at today’s prices.
  • Choice – you decide what you want at your funeral.
  • Remove the burden from your family.
  • Guaranteed acceptance – NO medical exclusions.

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    Benefits of a pre-paid plan.

    A Funeral Plan offers two main benefits. The first is that Funeral Directors’ costs are frozen and guaranteed not to increase over time. This means that your family will have no extra or unexpected costs in the future. The second benefit is that your family will have no difficult decisions to make at, what will be, an emotional and stressful time. Our Plans offer choice and flexibility and any special or out of the ordinary requests can be accommodated.

    Funeral plans through Later Life Protection start from £2800 and you can spread the cost over any period up to 10 years. There may be a small interest charge and you need to pay a small deposit if you take this option but payments start from as little as £6.87 a week!

    Flexible to your financial situation.

    Our plans offer easy and accessible funding options that are flexible to your financial situation. When it comes to funeral planning, paying in advance means you get the service you want, and your family are relieved of much of the financial strain that bereavement can so often bring.

    Since 2004 funeral prices have increased by an incredible 103%*, that’s over 8.5% per annum, and are predicted to continue rising in the future. The average cost of a funeral is now £3897* and in 2021, that’s a mere 4 years time, that figure is expected to be £5400*

    * Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2016

    Simple PlanPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
    Later Life Protection*£2800£3200£3500£3800FIXED PRICE – NO increases imminent.
    Safe Hands Plan£2895£3355£3595£3900
    Golden Charter£2895£3295£3650£3899Prices set until 31st March 2017
    Co-op£2995£3395£3650£3899Prices expected to rise in 2017
    Golden Leaves£2825£3270£3625£3875Prices set until 30th April 2017
    * All plans are based on Safe Hands corresponding plans, sold at a discount through Later Life Protection.