A will does not have to be complicated. What is important is for everyone to have a professionally drafted Will. One that you can be certain will be legally valid when you die and that adequately reflects your wishes.

Our Pricing

Simple Single Will – £99
Simple Mirror Wills – £149
Children’s Trust – £25 each

Property Trust – £495
(inc. severance of tenancy) 

Lasting Power of Attorney  – £200
(per person/per type)

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Caring for your loved ones.

You may feel that you have nothing to leave to others, but you may inherit tomorrow from a relative, or could win the lottery and die before you claim your prize.

No matter how simple your affairs may seem, or whatever age you are, making a Will ensures that your wishes are set out clearly in one document so that on your death your assets will go to the relatives or loved ones that you want.

Specialist Advice & Protection.

If you or your children have young children it is vitally important that a Will is made so that you or they can appoint Guardians to look after children should you or they die before they reach 18.

Having a simple Will is likely to meet the needs of many people, however sometimes people benefit from the more specialist advice, protection and planning we provide, in setting up trusts and saving inheritance tax.